Wireless & Bluetooth Hacking 101

Wireless networks are continually growing in our modern world and society. This 2 day course aims to demystify wireless network security and inform attendees on how to improve wireless LAN security and Bluetooth security. This will be achieved via theory and practical. Attendees will first obtain detailed theoretical analysis of different wireless security schemas (i.e. Theory), thereafter have hands on experience in how the attacks are performed (i.e. Practical).

Course Agenda

Day 1 - Wireless
Introduction to Wireless Hacking

  • Wireless and its technology usage
  • Wireless networking breakdown
  • Security of wireless and progression
  • What is wardriving?
  • Attacking wireless brief

Wireless Protocols and Architecture

  • Analysis of various wireless protocols
  • Wireless architecture and design
  • 802.11 Protocol Analysis

Network Mapping and Methodology for securing wireless networks

Discovery of wireless networks

  • Antenna variations
  • Monitoring the wireless network,
    including packet analysis
  • Various toolsets including Netstumbler,
    Kismet, the Aero suites and so fourth

Day 2 -Bluetooth
Introduction to Bluetooth

  • What is Bluetooth?
  • What does it allow for?
  • How Bluetooth works
  • Bluetooth data rates
  • Bluetooth ranges and specifications
  • Introduction Bluetooth security (Scatternets)
  • Latest developments with Bluetooth

Bluetooth vulnerabilities overview

  • The Snarfing attack
  • The Bluebug attack
  • The backdoor attack
  • Bluechop
  • Bluedump
  • Bluebump
  • Bluesmack
  • The social engineering factor
  • Bluetooth viruses
  • Bluetooth implementation problems

Bluetooth hacking tools and techniques

  • BTscan , Bluestumbler , Bluescan , BT Browser
  • Bluesnarf
  • Bluebug
  • Bloover II
  • Carwhisperer
  • Blueprinting (SDP tool)
  • Brute force discovery - Redfang
  • Optimising range of Bluetooth attacks

Defending against Bluetooth attacks

  • Bluetooth recommendations
  • Standard organizations practice
  • The future for Bluetooth security and
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