Giving back to the community

Oday advisories

Telspace Systems also regularly releases brand new (0day) IT security advisories as part of the "give back to open source" scheme. This is IT security innovation at its best. A few of our releases include:

All of our research and releases are co-coordinated with the vendor and are part of a responsible disclosure effort.

Charity initiatives

At ITWeb's Security Summit 2008 and 2009, Telspace Systems was involved in Johnny Long's Hackers for Charity initiative. Not only did Telspace raise awareness about the charity, but it donated a sizable contribution to Long's cause.

As part of Telspace Systems charity initiative for 2010, we are partnering with a model (Nadia van der Merwe) from the FHM sexiest 100 women. For every position the model gains we are donating funds to the Lory Park Zoo. This initiative has been called the Nadia VDM's Proudly South African 100 Sexiest Campaign.


Telspace Systems has in the past been involved with students through learnerships (Torque IQ), aiding them to prepare for the corporate world, giving them business insight, and helping them gain a headstart on other learners.

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