Attack and Penetration Testing

The objective of this service is to identify and report on security vulnerabilities on a wide level to allow the client to close the issues, raising the level of their security protection overall.

This type of test is done in one of three ways:

Full disclosure test (White Box):
This test is conducted by allowing us complete access to information about the target that would otherwise be unavailable to external intruders, such as targets locations, various network diagrams and source code. A typical engagement includes a standard network topology.

Partial disclosure tests (Grey Box):
This can be considered a variation between a full disclosure and a Blind test. Specific information might be disclosed about target(s), but not to the same extent as a full disclosure test. This is often the choice of clients that require a happy medium.

Blind test (Black Box):
A full attempt at simulating an intruder's view of the target, only information that can be acquired by an actual attacker is used to conduct the test. This is one of the most accurate testing methods available.

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