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Telspace Systems was established in 2002 by CEO Dino Covotsos, who is still actively involved in the business.

As cybercrime rises exponentially and cybercriminals find new ways to gain unlawful access into corporate infrastructures in all industries, organisations are often at a loss at what to do.

New software vulnerabilities are found daily, web application attacks leave websites vulnerable and viruses become increasingly silent and stealthy.

Often, the simplest things such as weak passwords and uneducated staff can be the cause of an entire company infrastructure being compromised.

Telspace Systems' main aim is to make your company or organisation as unattractive to cybercriminals as possible - and keeping your sensitive financial and client data safe.

This is done in a variety of ways including attack and penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, training, and keeping your company constantly safe with a month-to-month service level agreement.

Telspace News

Is That Little Black Box on Your Desk Bleeding Your Confidential Data?
15th Apr, 2014

Every so often, vulnerabilities are found which turn the information security industry upside down, both from a positive and negative sense. The recent OpenSSL vulnerability is no exception. Having surfaced a short time back, it sent social media into a spin, websites and toolsets having being updated to explain, dissect and help exploit the vulnerability have popped-up everywhere. As have the theories that governments may have been using this vulnerability since as early as 2011.

Heartbleed, so aptly named because it is the Heartbeat functionality in OpenSSL that “bleeds” sensitive information, has launched itself into the limelight. Raising concerns amongst professionals, business persons and the general public alike.

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